November 2018
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Home Improvements yet again…actually getting something done.

For a change. As some of you may know, my bathroom died in October. My ONLY bathroom. The husband’s solution to this? A square bucket. Since my butt is not exactly square, this did not sit well with me. (Sit, being the operative word) So I came north again to spend some time with my sister’s bathroom…of which she has one and a half.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be going home until spring since Leo has never driven in snow and really doesn’t want to tackle the mountains between here and there with the cold stuff on the road.

It took a while, and a not so occasional bitch to finally get Leo to call a contractor to fix the bathroom. The people we went with were my odds on favorite; the guy who gave the estimate we went with asked Leo why it took him 4 weeks to call someone. Of course, he didn’t realize that I’ve been trying to get him to call someone for 4 years, with no results.

So, on to some pictures of what we’ve been dealing with. Well, ok, what HE’s been dealing with since I have a toilet that works and don’t have to worry about falling through the floor in order to take a shower.


What it looked like in 2006, when I first started nudging him about the leak.

Starting to tear it down

November, 2011, starting work

Total mess

The mess on the right, partially filling in the hole is what is left of the toilet. It didn’t want to leave, took some unfriendly pursuasion to get it out the door.

You can see the broken beams in the floor. What you see underneath that looks like dirt? Is dirt. It’s the crawl space under the house. Just a little more give and that’s where I’d have been sitting.

New tub

 We decided on just a shower, no tub this time.

Tiled but not grouted

Tiling is done, grouting is next. Then putting in the new toilet and sink. I think I told you that this is a very small bathroom? Leo had to stand in the shower to take this picture.

So, it’s almost done. There is a small question though of ‘will’ the sink fit. We’re on sink #4 right now, the first 3 having to be taken back because they were way too big. The last one was 15″ and it had to go back. For some reason Leo seems to think the bathroom is a TARDIS and anything he wants to put in will automatically fit. However, from the edge of the shower to the door, there’s only 30 inches. I’m beginning to wonder if what we need for a sink will end up being a livestock waterer.


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