November 2018
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Sick, sick, sick, sick

Every time I think this country has hit the bottom of the depravity well, something new comes along that makes me want to vomit.

It was bad enough that the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis when there was compelling evidence to at the very least allow him a new trial, but that our Supreme Court is not only complicit in that death but Justice Scalia repeated his position that even actual innocence was not grounds for overturning a jury verdict and sentence. Not even if it meant death.

The crowds outside the prison cheering for his death are disgusting and a shame on us all. To cheer for the death of anyone makes us as bad as we feel the person being executed was; it makes us complicit in that death.

Add on top of that a company by the name of CorrectHealth. Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it? Except…this company is a FOR PROFIT institution that makes its money executing people. Yeah, that’s right, they got paid to kill Troy Davis and every other prisoner executed in Georgia. And Kentucky. And Tennessee. And they’ve done it with illegally imported drugs.

I think we all should be ill at the fact that a company exists solely to kill people. That the citizens of those states are paying a company out of their tax dollars to kill people. Not just having tax dollars used in the state’s business of execution, which is bad enough, but having a company that actually profits…PROFITS…from killing people.

I have to wonder if the employees of that company know what their products do. If they have any idea what happens. I wonder if they know and don’t care or if they care and cheer at the prospect. Or I wonder if they are just ‘good’ , pro-life people.

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