November 2018
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It’s so nice to be (far from) SC right now

While my husband swelters in high heat and humidity (100 x 2), here in Western PA it is lovely. Very low humidity, temps in the 70′s and 80′s, pleasant breezes. Two nights in a row it was actually cold enough that my sister’s furnace kicked on. Leo really doesn’t want to hear it…so I rub it in every chance I get.

So far it’s been busy with my sister trying to settle everything left by her husband’s death. Not been easy for her. She’s holding it together pretty well…in public at least. Every once in a while something escapes though. Like the day she was trying to cancel one of the credit cards and couldn’t remember the account password. Evidently the person on the other end asked her if there was anybody else on the account who could help her. She replied “Yes, my husband. But he’s dead so I can’t ask him”. Writing that, it doesn’t really sound very funny but the tone of her voice and the look on her face was hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh. And then she started cracking up. We had a total giggle-fuck over it even after she got off the phone. All she could say was that she hoped the woman on the phone thought she was crying and not laughing.

We haven’t gone together to her husband’s and daughter’s graves. I think it’ll take a while to do that. But we did go to our mother’s grave. First time I’ve been there since about 6 months after she was buried. It was a totally freaky situation, then…my stepfather hadn’t even put up the temporary marker that is supposed to be in place before the permanent one is set. I couldn’t find her. Hard to remember that.

But not so bad this time. Her grave is back by a stretch of woods, under a big tree. And what did we see but a large rabbit hopping over the grass. We both kind of laughed about that. Our mother was a hunter, a good shot, and if she’d seen that rabbit she’d have brought it home for dinner. If somebody else was cooking, that is. She could bring it home but she was a LOUSY cook.

Enough for now. I’m going to go feed the dogs and enjoy the breeze.

Do I really have to home in July? November would be so much nicer.

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