November 2018
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Quarterly Update (in bits and pieces)

Did the sleep study thing because it’s required by Medicare if you might need supplemental oxygen. They won’t pay for it if you don’t have the study done. Ten hours in the lab…$3700. And I didn’t even get breakfast. Oh, and that doesn’t include the cost of the doctor to evaluate the study.


My husband just about knocked me off my chair yesterday. He said his relatives in Holland had sent him Facebook friend requests which he automatically accepted. Then, when he looked at their pages he found that they had all friended a third party who I would just as soon see fall of the earth never to be heard from again. Let me emphasize, this should not affect my husband (I never got friend requests from any of them) as his conversations with them would all be in Dutch which this third party does not understand.

When he realized that this person was on their friends’ lists, he defriended his family. Every one of them. I’m really upset about this but he said he didn’t trust a couple family members not to translate into English anything he might say and he doesn’t want this third party knowing what’s going on in our life. I didn’t even know his family was on Facebook until he told me about this yesterday.


Will be riding the rails again come June 7. Going to spend some time with my sister. Her husband died recently after a 2 year bout with leukemia. Everybody else is gone home now and she’s left with just the dogs at the house. So we’re going to go to Red Robin and her favorite Chinese place and I’ll be planning something weird for her birthday. It’ll be fun.

What’s strange about the timing is that the talibornagains of this country are insisting that the ‘rapture’ will happen on May 21. That day will be 47 years’ anniversary of our mother’s death. And June 7 will be the 47th anniversary of the day I ran away with the carnival, coming south to South Carolina (though not by train). This time I’m going north, back to PA. Funny how things like that work out, isn’t it?

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