November 2018
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Sorry for the hiatus

I guess I say that a lot, don’t I.

It isn’t that I’m lazy or don’t have anything to write about…plenty of rants I want to have, believe me. I sit here and watch the rights we have fought for for so long being dismantled and treated like so much garbage. I see people losing even more jobs that might afford them a living wage and being offered minimum wage, part time work as a substitute. I see immigrants being cast as targets for helicopter hunts, the way wolves are again being hunted, unless of course these immigrants are housekeepers, gardeners or other slave labor. I see hard-working people villified because they want to keep the right to ask for a raise or a safe place to work.

It’s kind of hard to try to write the type of upbeat piece I’d like to write.

But what frosts me the worst right now is the Republican meme of “think of the children”. And the populace that ISN’T saying what the fuck when they hear it.

“Think of the children”…when censoring books, tv shows or movies is the subject; but where is thinking of the children when schools are being cut, teachers are being fired and the ones left must take up the workload that used to be done by 3? Or even 4.

“Think of the children”…when opposing abortion and birth control but cutting aid that goes to helping those children, even before birth, by making sure their mothers and  they have proper nutrition.

“Think of the children”…while 2 state (Missouri and Maine) are trying to abolish child labor laws.

“Think of the children”…but cut the small amount of money that goes toward making sure even the poorest child will be immunized against diseases that used to kill children wholesale. And will again if this is allowed. For which I only wonder if immunizations are cut, will the numbers of unvaccinated children overwhelm those who are and reduce the effectiveness of the herd immunity? If that should happen, how much will it cost the government for public health programs to contain the resulting epidemics? It’ll definitely be a lot more than what they saved.

“Think of the children”…states have laws that don’t allow you to physically punish your children in your own home. But they are allowing it in the schools.

“Think of the children”…but continue wars on 2 fronts, join one on a third and rattle sabers at 5 or 6 more. Military, who are little more than children, being kept in war zones until they die in combat, or by their own hands because they despair of ever being allowed to come home. Or despair of what waits them if they do get home; no jobs, injuries that will be classified as ‘pre-existing’ conditions so that the government doesn’t have to provide medical care…neither physical or mental. And think of the children being kept ignorant in our schools. Is our government looking to raise kids who know they will never get decent jobs in the private sector? What’s left for them then but to enlist as cannon fodder?

Kids aren’t stupid but I can see how they would be totally confused by the signals we are allowing our corporate controlled government to give them. We love you but we’d really prefer it if you’d just go somewhere and die quietly.

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