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I know it’s been a while

But my life has been rather boring and there hasn’t been much to turn into an entry. That changed a bit this past weekend.

We put the dog (yes, we are down to one) in the kennel and I went to Jacksonville with Leo for the union meeting. Actually, I gave Leo my proxy for the meeting and I went to work on the office computer which has been needing more maintenance than I’ve been able to give it remotely.

Figuring on 2 or 3 hours cleaning out old files, removing unused programs, getting personal stuff off it, then turning on the various adware and virus scans and sitting back with a book.

Oh silly me. My first clue that it wasn’t going to be that easy was when it took a little more than 15 minutes to boot up. Then I got an error that it was stopping the bootup because of a problem in one of the USB ports. Luckily it was the one with the USB extension cord that we already thought had a problem. After removing it, the bootup only took about 8 minutes. Wooo!!!! Still not good.

The search for the problem didn’t take long. I was thinking that this machine had at least a full gigabite of RAM and maybe needed some extra put in. But it was worse than that, it had 512 MB and was running XP, MS Office, etc to the nth degree. Seems like there was no program that wasn’t liked by the user, downloaded, installed and then ignored.

Available memory? I didn’t know computers could use negative numbers. Maybe it would be kinder to say that this particular computer had Alzheimer’s. Advanced stages.

Suffice it to say that a road trip to find a new keeper of the union’s business ensued. (And don’t I just love it when told that it didn’t matter what I spent, just to make sure that whatever I got would be great?) Ta-da, new computer.

Ta-duh, new setup. Moving essential files, partioning hard drive (a Terrabite, no less), making sure all programs needed were re-installed, peripherals working, online, etc.

Fourteen hours later and all is working properly. And I’m so tired that I feel like -I’ve- got Alzheimer’s…hard to remember how to spell my name. Or get up out of a chair. Or where I put my shoes. Or that no, my fingers do NOT end in a keyboard.

I was even up way past my usual 9 pm bedtime. And I never did get to my book.

So that’s how I spent my weekend. I did something other than sit at home playing/working on my computers.