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Missed it by – - that much!

Missed making an every day for a week by one day. I really did try. I guess I could blame it on the store I’m setting up for a client or work I need to do for the union or that my front porch no longer exists and the first step out the door is a doozy but none of those really matter. I just couldn’t think of anything to say and there were no sparks at the Daily Meme that were interesting enough to use.

Which means I now have something to post about. Go figure.

In all this time (actually only 3 days) I’ve also managed to finish Stephen King’s new book; Under the Dome. Another whopper. Big, thick book with a lot of action. A very visual book. I kept thinking that even a bad film maker couldn’t fuck this one up as a movie. And then I got to the end of the book.

It was like sticking the biggest, baddest firecracker you could get your hands on and shoving it into a can that would blow into a million little bits, lighting the fuse…and getting a wet fart instead of a kaboom. Sort of like Marvin the Martian; “it didn’t go boom. It was supposed to go boom”.

The end felt like an afterthought, like it had been tacked on just to make a deadline, not to actually finish the story. I’m still really disappointed. Because it was a really good story up to the last 30 or 35 pages.

I wish I had waited and borrowed it from the library instead of buying it.

From “Curious as a Cat”

#6 in my weeklong actual posting every day using sparks from The Daily Meme Today’s is from Curious as a cat

1) Imagine you had a job interview today. What would you wear to it?

I’d have to go shopping. I don’t have anything fit to wear to a job interview unless it was one for testing mattresses by sleeping on them. Plenty of robes.

2) If you could trade places with any of your friends, who would you choose?

I can’t think of any…except maybe the one with the farm. Lots of acreage and no close neighbors.

3) Have you ever had something stolen from you or been the victim of a crime?

Yeah, a couple of times. Roommates who decided that what I had belonged to everybody and ripped me off for every penny I didn’t tape to my body and then later on our house was broken into. The only things stolen were a couple of cameras, some personal films and all the meat in our freezer.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. Cross light

What comes to mind? Oh no, not again. Just once I’d like to see a lighted Star of David or symbol for a mosque but all you ever see lighted, huge, and in everybody’s face is the cross. Maybe when it stops being a symbol of bigotry and hatred it won’t matter as much

I had to edit to put in the title of this post.

And one from:

Just some fun with words.

    1. Marathon ::



  • Debt ::




  • Turn ::



a blind eye

  • Image ::




  • Sofa ::




  • Envelope ::




  • Cart ::



before the horse

  • Process ::




  • Question ::




  • Rumor ::




Ok, some of them come out as cliches but the idea is just to answer with the first thing that pops into your head.

Saturday 9

There -should- be a long list for the end of the week.

1. Has anyone in your life talked in their sleep?

I did as a kid and into my 20′s. Had to teach myself not to.

2. What do you like about fall?

We don’t get fall here. We go from summer to winter and back again. Spring lasts about 3 days. In February. Two seasons here, hot and wet and cold and wet.

3. Do you have an addictive personality?

Probably. I drank a lot when I was younger and smoked for a long time but did my best to stop myself from becoming like the myriad drunks in my family. That also scared me off drugs…I was afraid if I started I wouldn’t be able to stop.

4. Who was the last person to do something extra special for you?

My husband last year when he spent $4000 on a graphic computer for me. I’m not a professional, I just like to play and we certainly could have used that money in other places.

5. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?

Once. And I would expect that person to go with me to counseling to help figure out what went wrong and how we could fix it. If it happened again, that relationship would be OVER!

6. Are you happy with where you are in life?

Generally. I don’t think anybody is ever happy all the time. If you were it would be very boring. Nothing left to shoot for, to learn, to work toward if everything is just where you want it to be.

7. Do you believe that you can change someone?

Nope. You can maybe show them a better way to do things but change only comes from within and you have to want it to do it. And you can’t do that for anyone but yourself.

8. Have you ever wished you could’ve had someone but you couldn’t?

Sure. Makes for some lovely fantasies.

9. Would you ever fight someone over your significant other?

Oh hell no.

Let’s Try the Friday Fillin

And then I may try a spark for the weekend…and I may try winging it.

1. We need to stop selling our country to China, reestablish our own manufacturing base. Isn’t it worth a few more pennies on an item to put people back to work?

2. I watched Stephen Colbert review Sarah Palin’s book and it made me smile. Actually, it made me laugh.

3. If you want me to watch Fox News, you’ll wait a long, long, long, long time. Long, long, long, long time

4. I’m going back to bed because I’m tired.

5. Massachusetts has a proposed 5% sales tax on elective cosmetic surgery; I think that’s a great idea. Why can’t people accept others for what they are instead of what they look like? It should be waived, however in cases of birth defect or mutilation.

6. Peace and quiet makes for a happy holiday.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching UP, tomorrow my plans include _listening to the noise of my husband repairing the porch and Sunday, I want to do the same! If he doesn’t finish the porch this weekend, it’ll be YEARS before anyone can use the front door again. If you don’t believe me, you should see the garbage disposal that we bought right before Christmas of 1999…still in the box, never been used. Took 15 YEARS to put up a tub surround in the bathroom. And he’s been working on the back room for the last 5.

Thursday Thunks

Thursday Thunks

Thursday Thunks

For November 19th, 2009.

1. If you won a brand new house in a Dream House Giveaway would you move into it, sell it to pay the taxes and make a profit, rent it out or give it to a family member/friend who might need it?

I think it would depend on the house and the location. HGTV gave away a dream house a couple years ago that I would have loved to live in. Situated in NC, the dining nook overlooked woods and a river and the house itself was just wonderful.

But they’ve had others that were nice houses but in urban areas or places that I just wouldn’t want to live. If I won one of those, it’d go straight on the market.

2. Are you good at billards?

Billards? No. Billiards? No. Pool? yes.

3. Does anyone on the planet really want to see Levi Johnston naked in Playgirl (other than when Bristol Palin did)?

Who the hell is Levi Johnston? And if he’s attractive to any of the Palin clan, well…all I can say is eeeeeeeuuuuuuwwww!!!!!

4. Is your phone ringing right now?

NO. In fact, it rarely rings anymore. Everybody knows I prefer email.

5. Do you think man has eaten or tried to eat every type of animal on the face of the earth at one point or another? If not, what don’t you think man has tried?

Everything they could get their hands on. If there’s anything people haven’t tried, it’s only because nobody knows it exists yet.

6. The new movie Avatar has been showing sneak peeks and been hyped to the max. Will you see it?

Maybe when it comes out on DVD and is available from Netflix.

7. If a slightly bigger fish eats a small fish, then a bigger fish immediately eats that one, then an even bigger fish immediately eats that fish and then finally a huge fish eats the one that just ate that fish and it gets caught by you… how many meals will you have from that one fish?

None. I buy my fish already cleaned and beheaded. The fish store might make some extra profit from it, though

8. If you had an appointment with the doctor and all the plants in the office were dead, would you still see the doctor?

Sure, but I might suggest to his office staff that they switch to plastic.

9. Have you ever seen the number 666 in a dream?

No, but I’ve dreamed in cartoons. Porn even. Does that count?

10. “At 20 years of age the will reigns, at 30 the wit, at 40 the judgment.”~ Benjamin Franklin
So what happens at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100?

At 50, relaxation; at 60, bitchiness; I’m waiting to find out the rest

11. Would you want your phone number to be (area code) 123-4567?

It wouldn’t bother me. I once had (a LONG time ago and this number is no longer in service as far as I know so please don’t call it) the number 803-883-3303.

That’s all for this Thursday.

Knit Wit

I found a blog called the Daily Meme. It’s a blog of blogs that can be used to spark posts when inspiration has deserted you. So I’m going to be using some of them and see if I can’t get this going more regularly than it’s been in a while.

So to start, my first daily meme will be for

My new sweater:

My new sweater

My new sweater

Shamrock heavy worsted wool in Doyle color from knitpicks, Danbury coat pattern (handknit version) from Lion Brand. Drop shoulder pattern so it doesn’t fit well even on a heavy duty hanger.

Bits and Pieces

Just bits and pieces of thoughts and doings.

I keep catching trailers for something called Bridezillas and perfect weddings, etc. Couples evidently spending a LOT of money for a day that they’ll probably not even be able to really remember. Makes me wonder what’s more important to these people; the wedding or the marriage?

Wal-Mart commercials are driving me nuts with their deception. Instead of going the drive-in every morning at a fast food place, eat one breakfast of cereal at home a week and save $x for a family of 4. Who the hell eats fast food breakfasts EVERY morning? I’d be willing to bet the average family of 4 eats cereal at least 6 days a week (and the cheapo generic stuff at that) and maybe pancakes on Sunday. Or their one for cashing payroll and government checks…for only $3. Ever heard of cashing them at the bank? For nothing. (Yes I know you might need an account but $20 in savings is worth it) Or even the grocery stores around here will cash payroll and governent checks without charging you for it. They figure you’re going to spend a good bit of that cash right there. Just so much bullshit and, unfortunately, a whole lot of people only hear what the ‘savings’ will be, not what they already save by not buying into those behaviors Wal-Mart is telling them is ‘typical’.

Barnes and Noble has come out with their own e-book reader called the Nook. Look it up for yourself, this is no joke. However, whoever came up with the name didn’t bother to read the advertising for it out loud. The Nook e-Book.

I bought the Sony.

Leo’s going to Florida this weekend. But then he’s got all next week off. Lucky me.

And, on a nyah, nyah note; the Insight is averaging about 43 mpg around town. Since we bought it, we’ve cut our gasoline consumption about 70%. Our gas credit card company is sending us hate mail.