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My LAST computer.

Today I ordered what will probably be my last computer. Taking a chunk of money but I got to see my new motherboard today, the case and all the other components.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. Almost everything I want, all in one package. (The rest of the ‘almost’ can be bought later…when we recover from this one) Dual quad processors, 8 GB RAM, (yes, that’s 8 gigabytes) upgradeable to 32, 64 bit architecture and OS, top of the line graphics card, intel motherboard that’s 18 inches square and weighs 5 lbs, 1000w power supply. All the really good stuff I’ve been wanting for years.

You’ll probably not hear from me for quite a while so I can find out what it can do. Then again, you might get tired of me bragging about it.

It’ll be ready either Friday or next Monday. So now I have to figure out my computer configuration again and clean up the room to make space for computer #4…uh #5, if you count the laptop. It’s going to be so nice to be able to use all the features of the expensive graphic software I own.

Last one. Sure, I may do some upgrading, add some peripherals, but by the time there’s another one that I really want I’ll be too damned old to justify buying it.

This is the case:
new computer case

Yeah, those are really fans in that side panel. Won’t need the heater this winter.