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The color purple

We’re seriously discussing getting another freezer. The impetus for this decision happens to be the 3 little eggplant plants growing on the side of the house. I say ‘little’ but they aren’t so small anymore. They’re about 3 feet tall and very bushy with large lavender flowers and very large green leaves. You have to look very carefully to find all the fruit. Even as much as there is, it’s easy to miss them in between and under the foliage. Even without the fruit, they’re beautiful plants.

I think I mentioned that these things are producing like zucchini but it’s gotten even worse. I’m at the point where I’m seriously considering putting a sign on the front fence saying ‘free to good home’. It’s just so amazing to see what we’re getting off so few plants in so little space.

Asian eggplant are a lot sweeter than the regular ones, not a lot of seeds and they taste really good. Not to mention that they are pretty. Beautiful, dark purple but not quite the black/purple of the ones you usually see.

The success of these has us talking about what we can plant for next year besides the herbs. I’m thinking about some carrots in containers. Did you know that there are other colors of carrots? Even some purple ones that are supposed to be spicy. Red and yellow and even a chartreuse…although I don’t know how appetizing that would be on your plate.


I finished the christening dress for my niece’s baby. Sorry the picture isn’t better.

christening dress