November 2018
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Stupidity at large

Sick, sick, sick, sick

Every time I think this country has hit the bottom of the depravity well, something new comes along that makes me want to vomit.

It was bad enough that the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis when there was compelling evidence to at the very least allow him a new trial, but that our Supreme Court is not only complicit in that death but Justice Scalia repeated his position that even actual innocence was not grounds for overturning a jury verdict and sentence. Not even if it meant death.

The crowds outside the prison cheering for his death are disgusting and a shame on us all. To cheer for the death of anyone makes us as bad as we feel the person being executed was; it makes us complicit in that death.

Add on top of that a company by the name of CorrectHealth. Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it? Except…this company is a FOR PROFIT institution that makes its money executing people. Yeah, that’s right, they got paid to kill Troy Davis and every other prisoner executed in Georgia. And Kentucky. And Tennessee. And they’ve done it with illegally imported drugs.

I think we all should be ill at the fact that a company exists solely to kill people. That the citizens of those states are paying a company out of their tax dollars to kill people. Not just having tax dollars used in the state’s business of execution, which is bad enough, but having a company that actually profits…PROFITS…from killing people.

I have to wonder if the employees of that company know what their products do. If they have any idea what happens. I wonder if they know and don’t care or if they care and cheer at the prospect. Or I wonder if they are just ‘good’ , pro-life people.

And the winners are…

I hate even opening any semblance of “news” any more. It feels a lot like Alice must have felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. In the semblance of news is not the slightest semblance of sanity.

Our new congress declares that they will reduce the deficit by starting with eliminating federal highway funds. Those are the tax dollars that go toward maintaining the interstates. The EISENHOWER interstate program. Or did Dwight somehow become a ‘D’ while I was sleeping?

Funny, that interstate program wasn’t really made for the individual traveler. It was built originally as an aid to interstate commerce; a system of roads to help deliver goods more efficiently and quickly. Granted that this was in the days when the US had a strong steel industry and manufacturing base but what happens when you let those roads go because if you don’t maintain them, 2 years of the traffic now carried on our interstates will ruin them. I wonder how corporations will deliver their imported, cheaply made junk from China when trucks can’t carry the goods over the roads meant for them and states start barring heavy traffic because they don’t have the money to keep local roads in repair? Goods will move slower from the ports to the middle of the country and costs will go up. If they get there at all.

And goods aren’t the only things. Fresh fruits and vegetables will need to go back to whatever grows locally and need to be canned, frozen or otherwise preserved for use in seasons when they wouldn’t be available fresh.

Next, of course, is gutting Social Security and Medicare. I don’t understand how the ‘tea baggers’ can cheer this measure. Every picture I’ve ever seen of their rallies seems to show that the majority of their numbers are either eligible for or perhaps already on SS. Why do they seem to think that THEIR checks and medical help won’t be touched? Because they voted for the people who are going to do this and they are owed something? Scorpion time.

Health care reform. Right. Get rid of it. Let the insurance companies have their way and do whatever they want. We’ve got the best health care system in the world.

Except we don’t. We are the only developed nation without some form of guaranteed universal care. The really funny part is that we, the taxpayers, are already supporting free universal health care. No, I’m not talking about those sitting in the federal legislature, although they get free insurance for themselves and their families that is even better than that afforded to our military people and families.

No, I’m talking about the people of Iraq. We made them write it into the constitution and then vote on accepting it and now WE are paying for it.

Whatever happened to the promise that the confiscation of Iraqi oil would pay for the war there? Funny, no oil coming in, our dollars going out.

This week we find out that the Supreme Court will not consider any discrimination suits by women or gays since they aren’t a protected class. Scalia says the constitution doesn’t REQUIRE discrimination against those 2 groups but it doesn’t prohibit it either so women and gays should not expect to be protected. If states want to declare these individuals as non persons, they can. They can set the minimum wage to $.50/hour if they want and if you are female or gay (or both) you can’t expect to bring a suit.

He seems to forget one right the amendments do give us women, anyway; the right to VOTE. I think we need to start using that right more often. And to stop voting against our own best interests…before they take that one away from us, too.

Where did my country go? A country that was the good guys? A country who, whether they liked it or not, didn’t need a dictionary to understand the word “compromise”.

Stupid Season

You’ve heard of all kinds of seasons, I’m sure but this one takes the cake. It hasn’t been cold enough for brain freezes but something’s sure happening.

I told you about breaking my toe didn’t I? Little toe, making walking difficult and painful. So I’ve been doing a lot of sitting around rather than getting on the treadmill or doing other exercises sitting down. When I sit I want to eat. I’ve been busting my ass…literally…for almost 2 years just trying to lose -1- fucking pound. And gaining instead. So, these weeks of sitting and gorging have got to have made the scale really unbearable, right? No, I’ve LOST weight. Maybe I’ll try the twinkie diet and see if I can’t lose another 10 or 20.

Being around other people has been hard. I don’t do stupidity well and it’s been rampant. A couple really take the cake, though. Like the woman in line to vote who breathlessly told me, in case I hadn’t heard, that we had to do everything we could to vote out anybody who would support Obama. Seems he’s passed a law (all by his little lonesome self) that makes it illegal for people on Social Security to sell their houses.

Or the one who proclaimed, loudly, that “ALL I WANT IS THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY MEDICARE”. The way things are going she may get her wish and I don’t think she’s going to be very happy about it if she does.

But the ultimate topper (for this month, at least) was the 50-something woman in the wonder bra, barely ass-covering denim skirt and fuck-me shoes (and no, she’s not one of the Hollywood-type 50-somethings that might actually look good in something like that…she looks her age) and a nice shirt that was about a tone lighter than THIS COLOR.

She asked what we thought that color was called and then said what she thought it was. Take a guess. I’ll let you think it over and when I’ve got a couple answers, I put her actual answer in the comments