November 2018
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Bitch, bitch, bitch


For the moment, comments are working again. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

The finish

I just realized that I haven’t updated the bathroom since it was finished. So here you are:

It’s still only 5′ x 5′ 6″ but what a difference. I just hope my husband doesn’t wreck it before I get home.


Sorry I had to do this

But the only comments I’ve been getting have been total spam so I had to cut them off. I also had to stop the ‘registrations’ after seeing that I had 546 bogus entries on my list. When I’d notify about a new post my inbox would be stuffed with mail bounces. And a warning that my mail was over quota.

So, until I find a better way, only those I’m absolutely sure of will receive notification when and if I update.

Oh, and yes

I DID change my theme again. Just for the hell of it.

A Real Success

After who knows how many complaints and a petition, Etsy finally took down those awful cards and changed their terms of service to try to prevent anything like that from being offered through their site again.

Thank you, Etsy, for listening to people who use your site to buy and sell. But shame on you, Etsy, for taking so long to do so and to appear only to have done it because you were losing money.

Let’s hope we never see anything like that again.

This is what our ‘culture-of-mean’ gets us

For all that they call themselves ‘entertainment’, it is the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Michell Bachman, Bill O’Reilly and so many others that have brought people to think that the following is somehow ok. The following are sickening and for 2 of them I have to apologize to one of my regular readers, who will realize why when they come up. The even more sickening thing is that the company that carries these FOR SALE refuses to listen to the people who are asking them to remove the seller and her products. A link to the petition will be added at the end of this entry.

Oh, the company? Etsy. The website for sellers of handmade items like baby booties and jewelry. That’s one of the things that makes these ‘greeting cards’ so repulsive.

A card for rape victims? Yeah, a card for rape victims.

rape card

A card for Down syndrome.

down syndrome

A card for breast cancer

breast cancer

And one not just for Down syndrome individuals but their parents, too. (This one had the most offensive word blurred on the card itself, but as you can see, the text below the card does not replicate that ‘nicety’.)

down syndrome parents

I’m hoping that you will join me and the many others who have tried to tell Etsy that this is not acceptable. There is a petition you can sign at Or go to and lodge a direct complaint.

Thank you.

Back to Something Easier on the Eyes

No real entry here but I just couldn’t stand that design any more. You can now sigh with relief that it…and the holidays…are (almost) gone.

Diamonds are….

not a problem any more? Don’t believe that. The wars go on, financed by diamonds drenched in the blood of those who mine them and their families who are used as ‘examples’ to the miners.

the price of your diamond

Children with missing limbs. Not because they are thieves or unproductive or refuse to work. Children mutilated to show who is boss.

not just the kids

Not just the kids pay the price. Women don’t usually work in the mines so this woman’s husband or son was given a warning…either suspected of theft or just not working hard enough

I have to admit that I went and did some research on a diamond that has caught my eye and would be the only type I’d ever really want. There’s just something about ‘Chocolate Diamonds’ that appeals to me. (Add chocolate to anything and I’m there…we almost bought a car simply because it came in the color ‘chocolate’)

Then I found out that the diamonds labeled chocolate are just brown diamonds and until Levian’s PR firm put a good spin on them, were considered undesirable because of their color. They weren’t worth much, pennies on the dollar compared to the brilliant white, even less when compared to the really rare colors like pink and canary. So brown diamonds weren’t deserving of as severe a punishment.

Until Levian branded them ‘Chocolate’ and created a market for them. And created another market for cruelty.

Please, if you’re thinking of asking for or buying diamonds, look for something else. Your jeweler may tell you that his stones are conflict free but the truth is that he CANNOT guarantee that. He can’t even be sure that the source he bought them from knows where they came from. Until all diamonds are conflict free; until there are no more children growing up without hands, arms or legs; until the people digging the diamonds out of the ground are permitted to live free lives; until then…spend your money on something else.

Yes, you see right

This is about as ugly a theme as I could produce for this time of year. I could have added animated santas and lots of christmas music, but that was too much, even for me.

As much as I dislike the holidays, I dislike the hijacking of the time between thanksgiving and new year’s as somehow being exclusively christian and nobody else better ever have a thing to say about it.

I’d rather have a person say ‘happy holidays’ to me and not assume I belong (or SHOULD belong) to a particular religion. Almost every religion has a major holday in this 6 week, end of the year/solstice period. Berating cashiers for saying anything other than ‘merry christmas’ makes me want to smack that person. Boycotting companies because they include everyone in their sales by using ‘holiday’ instead of ‘christmas’ only shows a disdain and dislike of anyone with a different name for the holiday.

And yes, I use a lower case ‘c’ with the word because if you really put CHRIST in christmas it wouldn’t be in ads for snuggies and chia pets and other junk that will end up on yard sale tables by July 4. It wouldn’t be in ads for ANYTHING other than your church services.

But what is even worse are the companies that cave in to organizations like the American Family Ass. and change their inclusive wording to an exclusive one. I don’t care which wording you use, as long as that choice is truly your own and not dictated by some bully group.

So I guess you’re going to see a lot of entries like this during the next few weeks. But I think it needs saying just as much as my annual “don’t buy diamonds” (coming up soon) post.

Why the fuck do I bother?

I have walked over 3 miles a day every day for the last week. I certainly haven’t been pigging out on anything…in fact I’ve been eating very little…and guess what?

I’ve GAINED 7 pounds.

What’s worse, the damned doctor doesn’t believe that I’ve been exercising that much or that I’ve been eating that little and all he’ll say is that I have to eat less or do more and that if I had been doing that, I’d be losing weight.

With all the other things going on, I suspect that my thyroid is low. The doctor says it’s normal but he won’t tell me where in the normal range the number is; you can be low normal and still benefit from supplementation. I’m almost tempted to start stealing some of the dog’s thyroid pills and see what happens.

But right now I’m just thoroughly depressed.