November 2018
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Fun and Games in SC Politics

We have an election coming up. Major issue will be a new governor.

Here’s how it’s shaping up. (Without naming parties or candidates) On one side, we have a candidate who was more or less forced out of a $100K job this past April with implications of influence peddling. Fund raising for a hospital while a state legislator (and drawing pay for THAT job, too) working on some of the commissions that affect things like health insurance; pressuring these companies to donate. Remember, this is in 2010…THIS YEAR. Our governor and others are insisting that everything done was legal, ethical, moral and they don’t see what the problem is.

On the other side, a full scale investigation is going on into a TRAFFIC TICKET that was dropped for the candidate. (No alcohol involved) In 1991. NINETEEN years ago. I’m sure the candidate was aware of plans to run for governor almost 20 years ago and had contacts squash the ticket. (yes, that is sarcasm)

Urban Legend

The contest theme for Halloween this year is Urban Legend. A still graphic or animation of one of the things often talked about, often heard reports of but turning out to be hoaxes. You know, ‘the HOOK’, resurrection Mary, bloody Mary, snakes in the Burlington Coat Factory garments, spiders in the hairdo, etc.

I thought I’d go a little different and use one that was purely local to when and where I grew up…the Green Man. Supposedly this man was hit by lightning or survived an electrical accident that melted his face and turned it the green you see in glow-in-the-dark items once the lights are off. He would roam the hills and woods and scare couples parked in secluded places. Kids would pile into cars and go looking for him on weekend nights. Nobody I knew ever claimed to have found him, though.

Doing some research to see if I could find some of the more gruesome detail of the legend, it was shocking to find that my urban legend wasn’t a legend at all. It was true. He had a name. There’s even a picture of him.

From Wikipedia:

[Raymond]” Robinson was eight years old when he was injured by an electrical line on the Morado Bridge outside of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The bridge carried a trolley, and had electrical lines of both 1,200 and 22,000 volts which had killed another boy less than a year earlier. Immediately following this electrical shock, Robinson was not expected to survive. He lived, but he was badly scarred and lost his eyes and nose, one ear, and one arm.”

Quiet and shy, he took his walks after dark to keep from running into people he didn’t know.

Known as the Green Man, or Charlie No-Face, Robinson died in 1985 at the age of 74.

Note to self:

Diets don’t work well when you watch the Food Channel after 6 pm.

For my female friends.

Haven’t we all been there? Sorry it overlaps the sidebar but it was so small to begin with, and you need to see it all.

Last Ditch Effort, I Guess

At least I hope it was.

We got a notice from my husband’s health insurance today. It had to have been written and set up before yesterday’s passage of the health reform bill and I hope to hell that these provisions are abolished. We’re paying $800+ per month for HIM and today we get it spelled out that these are provisions for denying, reducing or terminating requested service or payment:

The payment would have been greater than $500 (please tell what test, besides blood tests that you can get for $500 or less…or what hospital doesn’t charge that much or more per day)

It involves a condition that is life threatening or serious disabling. (WTF? Isn’t that why we’re paying for insurance?)

I first read this a couple hours ago. I wish I could pick my jaw up off the floor.

And yet another new theme

Thanks Alice.

Disregard Previous Post

If you didn’t see the theme on that one…good! It was a plaything but it sorta sucked. Alice did this one for me and I like it a lot better. Ok, so I tweaked the font a bit. Gotta have one eyepopper somewhere on the page.

To sleep; perchance….

For the first 40 some years of my life I was a night person. My day didn’t start until some time around sundown and didn’t come crashing down until others were getting up for work. It’s a wonder I made it through school at all, let alone with the grades that I did. (All A’s except for a D in Chemistry. Formulae were not my big suit) I know I haven’t the foggiest idea of what I learned in American history. It was my 7th period class and by then I was asleep on my feet. (Yes, we had 7 50 minute periods and, before we got a cafeteria, an hour for lunch so we could go out and get something or go home if we lived in town. School started at 7:45 am and let out at 4pm.)

The carnival was the perfect work for me. Early call was around 4pm and most of the time we didn’t start until 7. It was heaven for me not to have to get up early, to sleep while the sun was shining and actually be at my best for work.

When I opened my business I worked very hard to change that. It took me years but I could finally get up at dawn, start my work day and not go to bed until late. And not walk around in a fog all the time.

So why are my dogs trying to make me a night owl again? Jake starts ‘mooing’ about the time Leo leaves for work (5:30 pm) and keeps it up until I let them out at 9. When they come in, it starts again. About 11 they start singing. In 2 part harmony and sometimes counterpoint. At 3 am they have to go out again. By 4:30, when Leo comes home, they are so glad to see him that 2 dogs sound like 40. (and they have to go out again)

It’s much quieter if I’m up, even if I’m not in the same room with them. They seem to know when I want to try to go sleep. Try being the operative word. What really pisses me off is that THEY DON’T DO IT ON THE NIGHTS WHEN LEO IS OFF AND AT HOME. Oh no, they’re quieter than dust bunnies when he’s here. So you know what that means…of course he doesn’t believe me that it’s happening.

So, if you suddenly notice that I’m only posting or fiddling around on FaceBook after dark and you can’t get hold of me during daylight hours, don’t worry. I haven’t been bitten by a vampire, I’ve just reverted to my younger days. Besides, there’s not enough room for a coffin in this house.

Been a Long Time

For Craft it Wednesday

But this isn’t really an entry, entry. It’s just another show off of some of the things I’ve been doing lately.

The wimple, sometimes called a snood, is making a comeback. Pull it up to keep head and ears warm or wear it around your neck as a cowl.

Black with tones of gray fun fur, knitted in traveling vine stitch.

Multiple shades of blue and purple in a firmer fabric.

I had to edit to put in the title of this post.

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