November 2018
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The finish

I just realized that I haven’t updated the bathroom since it was finished. So here you are:

It’s still only 5′ x 5′ 6″ but what a difference. I just hope my husband doesn’t wreck it before I get home.


Home Improvements yet again…actually getting something done.

For a change. As some of you may know, my bathroom died in October. My ONLY bathroom. The husband’s solution to this? A square bucket. Since my butt is not exactly square, this did not sit well with me. (Sit, being the operative word) So I came north again to spend some time with my sister’s bathroom…of which she has one and a half.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be going home until spring since Leo has never driven in snow and really doesn’t want to tackle the mountains between here and there with the cold stuff on the road.

It took a while, and a not so occasional bitch to finally get Leo to call a contractor to fix the bathroom. The people we went with were my odds on favorite; the guy who gave the estimate we went with asked Leo why it took him 4 weeks to call someone. Of course, he didn’t realize that I’ve been trying to get him to call someone for 4 years, with no results.

So, on to some pictures of what we’ve been dealing with. Well, ok, what HE’s been dealing with since I have a toilet that works and don’t have to worry about falling through the floor in order to take a shower.


What it looked like in 2006, when I first started nudging him about the leak.

Starting to tear it down

November, 2011, starting work

Total mess

The mess on the right, partially filling in the hole is what is left of the toilet. It didn’t want to leave, took some unfriendly pursuasion to get it out the door.

You can see the broken beams in the floor. What you see underneath that looks like dirt? Is dirt. It’s the crawl space under the house. Just a little more give and that’s where I’d have been sitting.

New tub

 We decided on just a shower, no tub this time.

Tiled but not grouted

Tiling is done, grouting is next. Then putting in the new toilet and sink. I think I told you that this is a very small bathroom? Leo had to stand in the shower to take this picture.

So, it’s almost done. There is a small question though of ‘will’ the sink fit. We’re on sink #4 right now, the first 3 having to be taken back because they were way too big. The last one was 15″ and it had to go back. For some reason Leo seems to think the bathroom is a TARDIS and anything he wants to put in will automatically fit. However, from the edge of the shower to the door, there’s only 30 inches. I’m beginning to wonder if what we need for a sink will end up being a livestock waterer.


BTW, comments are back on. I think




If you love or loved this movie, were scared shitless by it, had a good laugh over it or just admired the money it made, then you might not know that a movement is underway to restore the chapel that appears in the beginning of the movie. It’s really sad.

The people heading this have a year to raise $50,000 or the chapel will be torn down. They have $5000. In less than 3 weeks. This bodes well for the effort. A PayPal donation site is being set up. Hey, it’s better than donating to a political party.

Anyway, in case any of you wonder why this matters to me, (and you haven’t been reading here for very long) that cemetery is where my grandparents and many other family members are buried. I was born and raised in that town. Family members were zombies (type-cast). Quite frankly, it’s the only thing that town has left that might keep it from becoming another Aliquippa (read ghost town with still a few almost live inhabitants).

You can see a local news report about it at: Save the chapel

Complete with visitors from Michigan who made a Halloween pilgrimage just to see the place.

Help save it if you can. If you can’t, wish us luck.



Sorry I had to do this

But the only comments I’ve been getting have been total spam so I had to cut them off. I also had to stop the ‘registrations’ after seeing that I had 546 bogus entries on my list. When I’d notify about a new post my inbox would be stuffed with mail bounces. And a warning that my mail was over quota.

So, until I find a better way, only those I’m absolutely sure of will receive notification when and if I update.

Sick, sick, sick, sick

Every time I think this country has hit the bottom of the depravity well, something new comes along that makes me want to vomit.

It was bad enough that the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis when there was compelling evidence to at the very least allow him a new trial, but that our Supreme Court is not only complicit in that death but Justice Scalia repeated his position that even actual innocence was not grounds for overturning a jury verdict and sentence. Not even if it meant death.

The crowds outside the prison cheering for his death are disgusting and a shame on us all. To cheer for the death of anyone makes us as bad as we feel the person being executed was; it makes us complicit in that death.

Add on top of that a company by the name of CorrectHealth. Sounds innocuous, doesn’t it? Except…this company is a FOR PROFIT institution that makes its money executing people. Yeah, that’s right, they got paid to kill Troy Davis and every other prisoner executed in Georgia. And Kentucky. And Tennessee. And they’ve done it with illegally imported drugs.

I think we all should be ill at the fact that a company exists solely to kill people. That the citizens of those states are paying a company out of their tax dollars to kill people. Not just having tax dollars used in the state’s business of execution, which is bad enough, but having a company that actually profits…PROFITS…from killing people.

I have to wonder if the employees of that company know what their products do. If they have any idea what happens. I wonder if they know and don’t care or if they care and cheer at the prospect. Or I wonder if they are just ‘good’ , pro-life people.

It’s so nice to be (far from) SC right now

While my husband swelters in high heat and humidity (100 x 2), here in Western PA it is lovely. Very low humidity, temps in the 70′s and 80′s, pleasant breezes. Two nights in a row it was actually cold enough that my sister’s furnace kicked on. Leo really doesn’t want to hear it…so I rub it in every chance I get.

So far it’s been busy with my sister trying to settle everything left by her husband’s death. Not been easy for her. She’s holding it together pretty well…in public at least. Every once in a while something escapes though. Like the day she was trying to cancel one of the credit cards and couldn’t remember the account password. Evidently the person on the other end asked her if there was anybody else on the account who could help her. She replied “Yes, my husband. But he’s dead so I can’t ask him”. Writing that, it doesn’t really sound very funny but the tone of her voice and the look on her face was hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh. And then she started cracking up. We had a total giggle-fuck over it even after she got off the phone. All she could say was that she hoped the woman on the phone thought she was crying and not laughing.

We haven’t gone together to her husband’s and daughter’s graves. I think it’ll take a while to do that. But we did go to our mother’s grave. First time I’ve been there since about 6 months after she was buried. It was a totally freaky situation, then…my stepfather hadn’t even put up the temporary marker that is supposed to be in place before the permanent one is set. I couldn’t find her. Hard to remember that.

But not so bad this time. Her grave is back by a stretch of woods, under a big tree. And what did we see but a large rabbit hopping over the grass. We both kind of laughed about that. Our mother was a hunter, a good shot, and if she’d seen that rabbit she’d have brought it home for dinner. If somebody else was cooking, that is. She could bring it home but she was a LOUSY cook.

Enough for now. I’m going to go feed the dogs and enjoy the breeze.

Do I really have to home in July? November would be so much nicer.

Quarterly Update (in bits and pieces)

Did the sleep study thing because it’s required by Medicare if you might need supplemental oxygen. They won’t pay for it if you don’t have the study done. Ten hours in the lab…$3700. And I didn’t even get breakfast. Oh, and that doesn’t include the cost of the doctor to evaluate the study.


My husband just about knocked me off my chair yesterday. He said his relatives in Holland had sent him Facebook friend requests which he automatically accepted. Then, when he looked at their pages he found that they had all friended a third party who I would just as soon see fall of the earth never to be heard from again. Let me emphasize, this should not affect my husband (I never got friend requests from any of them) as his conversations with them would all be in Dutch which this third party does not understand.

When he realized that this person was on their friends’ lists, he defriended his family. Every one of them. I’m really upset about this but he said he didn’t trust a couple family members not to translate into English anything he might say and he doesn’t want this third party knowing what’s going on in our life. I didn’t even know his family was on Facebook until he told me about this yesterday.


Will be riding the rails again come June 7. Going to spend some time with my sister. Her husband died recently after a 2 year bout with leukemia. Everybody else is gone home now and she’s left with just the dogs at the house. So we’re going to go to Red Robin and her favorite Chinese place and I’ll be planning something weird for her birthday. It’ll be fun.

What’s strange about the timing is that the talibornagains of this country are insisting that the ‘rapture’ will happen on May 21. That day will be 47 years’ anniversary of our mother’s death. And June 7 will be the 47th anniversary of the day I ran away with the carnival, coming south to South Carolina (though not by train). This time I’m going north, back to PA. Funny how things like that work out, isn’t it?

Sorry for the hiatus

I guess I say that a lot, don’t I.

It isn’t that I’m lazy or don’t have anything to write about…plenty of rants I want to have, believe me. I sit here and watch the rights we have fought for for so long being dismantled and treated like so much garbage. I see people losing even more jobs that might afford them a living wage and being offered minimum wage, part time work as a substitute. I see immigrants being cast as targets for helicopter hunts, the way wolves are again being hunted, unless of course these immigrants are housekeepers, gardeners or other slave labor. I see hard-working people villified because they want to keep the right to ask for a raise or a safe place to work.

It’s kind of hard to try to write the type of upbeat piece I’d like to write.

But what frosts me the worst right now is the Republican meme of “think of the children”. And the populace that ISN’T saying what the fuck when they hear it.

“Think of the children”…when censoring books, tv shows or movies is the subject; but where is thinking of the children when schools are being cut, teachers are being fired and the ones left must take up the workload that used to be done by 3? Or even 4.

“Think of the children”…when opposing abortion and birth control but cutting aid that goes to helping those children, even before birth, by making sure their mothers and  they have proper nutrition.

“Think of the children”…while 2 state (Missouri and Maine) are trying to abolish child labor laws.

“Think of the children”…but cut the small amount of money that goes toward making sure even the poorest child will be immunized against diseases that used to kill children wholesale. And will again if this is allowed. For which I only wonder if immunizations are cut, will the numbers of unvaccinated children overwhelm those who are and reduce the effectiveness of the herd immunity? If that should happen, how much will it cost the government for public health programs to contain the resulting epidemics? It’ll definitely be a lot more than what they saved.

“Think of the children”…states have laws that don’t allow you to physically punish your children in your own home. But they are allowing it in the schools.

“Think of the children”…but continue wars on 2 fronts, join one on a third and rattle sabers at 5 or 6 more. Military, who are little more than children, being kept in war zones until they die in combat, or by their own hands because they despair of ever being allowed to come home. Or despair of what waits them if they do get home; no jobs, injuries that will be classified as ‘pre-existing’ conditions so that the government doesn’t have to provide medical care…neither physical or mental. And think of the children being kept ignorant in our schools. Is our government looking to raise kids who know they will never get decent jobs in the private sector? What’s left for them then but to enlist as cannon fodder?

Kids aren’t stupid but I can see how they would be totally confused by the signals we are allowing our corporate controlled government to give them. We love you but we’d really prefer it if you’d just go somewhere and die quietly.

I wish this would do some good.

It looks like our Girl Scout property is going to be sold. What a shame. This is a place I’ve talked about before and I actually got to tell people, a wider local audience, about what the place has meant to me and the girls that used the place.

The video is what aired on the news. There is raw footage that is everything I had to say. I wish they had aired more what I had to say about the girls and less about just me. But I didn’t have any choice. At least they did post the raw video so you can see for yourself. But you’re going to have to go to the actual site to see it. The embed only includes the aired footage.

So, to see the full footage, you need to go to News 2

I’ve also made an album of pictures from the past and from this past few days. You can see it at Rogue’s Gallery I haven’t finished captioning all the pictures yet but the album “Richmond” is the property, “Troop Activities” is a start on getting up some of the pictures, “Special Dinner” is a very special event the girls planned and carried out.